About Nesfjellet

There is no doubt that Nesfjellet is one of our favorite destinations, and we suspect it will be the same for you. Unless it is already! We have gathered some useful information about the destination below.

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Full-flegded ski resort

Nesfjellet Alpine Center features five lifts and 15 slopes, offering challenges for everyone. In our beloved Skistua, we offer homemade nutrition for your head and legs, as well as aprés-ski.

Golf facility

The golf course is beautifully located in the center of Nesfjellet. A complete facility featuring nine holes, a driving range, two practice ranges, a pro-shop, and a cafe that offers good, home-cooked food.

Welcome to one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain railways!


Nesfjellet Alpine and Nesfjellet Golf make excellent starting points for your cross-country trip. Tour tip: Buy a single tour ticket, take the lift up to the top to get to Snaufjellet, and follow the signs to the Alpine Center on your way back. Enjoy a warm waffle either in Skistua or at the Golf café after your trip.


Want to live centrally in the old part of Nesbyen Sentrum, surrounded by Halling history and charming atmospheres? Perhaps you want to be closer to the mountains, surrounded by wild nature? No matter where you choose to stay, you will always be close to our year-round destination, Nesfjellet.

Serving options at Nesfjellet

Taking a break in one of our dining areas is the perfect way to unwind. Enjoy a warm, home-cooked meal while you rest.

Nesfjellet / Nesbyen Fishing trip

Nesbyen is referred to as one of southern Norway’s very best fishing municipalities. Here you will find all the information you need before the fishing trip starts.

Different maps

Listed below are various maps that may be helpful when planning your next trip.

Meet our co-workers!

Tom Erik Finnerud

Tom Erik is our Alpine Leader at Nesfjellet. As a man with big ambitions, he will ensure that you and your family get to enjoy nice and well-maintained slopes, as well as functional lifts here at Nesfjellet.

Nikolai Jelstrup

This man’s mandate is simple: To make Nesfjellet attractive and alive.

Nikolai is our Marketing Manager, and manages everything from social media to events. Together we will have fun, and Nikolai is the man who will attract attention out the cabin window at regular intervals.

Jens Brokmann

Jens is the Daily Manager for Nesfjellet’s two hotels. The art of being a good host is something Jens knows right down to the tips of his fingers. His international experience has led him to develop an innovative and unique hotel package here at Nesfjellet.

Jostein Levorsen

Jostein manages the Ski Shop at Nesfjellet Alpine, and has worked with sports shops for as long as he can remember. Jostein offers top-notch service and high-quality products at a very decent price range.

Videos from Nesfjellet

Nesfjellet Alpine

Summer at Nesfjellet

Nesfjellet Golf – Fall

Skistua – Nesfjellet Alpin

The Golf café – Private event

Winter at Nesfjellet

Fall season at Nesfjellet


Pre Season Nesfjellet Alpine

Photos from Nesfjellet