Summer activities at Nesfjellet

Nesfjellet offers year-round activities for the whole family. Play golf on one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain courses at Nesfjellet Golf, with an associated clubhouse and café serving homemade and nutritious food. Or get on your bike for a spectacular ride on one of the many machine-built trails in the local area.

Nesfjellet Golf

The golf course is beautifully located in the center of Nesfjellet. A complete facility with nine holes, driving range, two practice greens, pro shop and café.

The golf café

At Nesfjellet there is a small and cozy café adjacent to the golf course. Here, our hosts serve both hot and cold homemade food from an exciting lunch menu. The café is easily accessible to everyone.

Mountain biking

Nesbyen and Nesfjellet have most of what a mountain biker dreams of. Take your bike on a family-friendly machine-built trail or test your skills on a technical flow trail. Cycling is a huge part of the culture here, and you can use it to shuttle around the village.


Nesfjellet offers a number of great hikes. The terrain is gentle, and the nearest mountain peaks are easily accessible for the vast majority of people. Put on some good hiking shoes and explore the beautiful landscape.

Langedrag Nature Park

Only 25 minutes from Nesfjellet you will find Langedrag Nature Park. Located in scenic surroundings, the park offers encounters with rare Norwegian animal species. The park quickly becomes a favorite among the family as you can interact with the animals up close.


“HallingSpranget” is one of Europe’s longest machine-built trails.
The path opened in June 2022, and stretches 17 kilometers from the top of Nesfjellet all the way down to Nesbyen Centre. The path is blue-graded, with a drop of nearly 1,000 metres.

The Bear Park

Experience bears, moose, lynx, and other exotic(!) animals up close! In “Bjørneparken”, magical encounters between animals and people occur every day. The park has a large variety of wild Norwegian predators, as well as well-known farm animals.