“HallingSpranget” is one of Europe’s longest machine-built trails.
The path opened in June 2022, and stretches 17 kilometers from the top of Nesfjellet all the way down to Nesbyen Centre. The path is blue-graded, with a drop of nearly 1,000 metres. The trail has become a unique hiking experience, and asserts itself on an international scale. There are several rest areas along the trail, among other things such as seating areas and hammocks for shared enjoyment.

HallingSpranget also has its own shuttle buss going from Nesbyen Sentrum.

Start at the top of Nesfjellet

The path is composed of gently curved bends on a compact gravel surface. The upper part of the tour includes a few climbs, including 70 meters at the beginning and the highest point. As the trail is mostly downhill, you’ll be able to float and enjoy the turns most of the time. Blue trails (moderately challenging) are typically mastered by most cyclists, but they are also enjoyable for experienced cyclists. The uppermost kilometers of the trail lies on Snaufjellet and offer spectacular views in all directions. The path then winds through a spectacular landscape, past marshes, airy viewpoints, a dark and mysterious old-growth forest, and an open pine forest. Finally, the path ends in the center of Nesbyen. Trailhead Nesbyen has been responsible for the construction of the trail, which is supported by the HallingSpranget foundation.


The Fjellinken cycle bus transports both cyclists and bicycles from the center of Nesbyen to the start of the trail every day from 18 June to 4 August (6 departures per day). It is also possible to drive yourself to the start of the trail. Please note that there are limited parking spaces at the top.

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