Scandinavias coolest chair lift

On Saturday 11 December 2021, Nesfjellet Alpin opened its first chair lift. The choice fell on an 8-seater chair lift from Leitner, which transports our guests comfortably to the top. The lift consists of heated, tailor-made seats, a windscreen for turbulent days, and a top speed of 6 meters per second.

On this page, you can read more about the chair lift, which has now become a landmark at Nesfjellet Alpin.

Seats with built-in heat

The chair lift is supplied by Italian Leitner, and designed by Pininfarina.

The custom-made seats are premium EVO, with black lacquered frames, built-in heating, and windscreens to keep in the heat. The carriages are also equipped with wind stabilizers so that the lift can run despite a lot of wind.

The lift also prepares for bicycle transport.


Capacity: 2100 people per time. This can be increased to 3,500.
Length: 1480.9 metres
Height difference: 320.9 metres
Number of carriages: 41
Distance between the carriages: 66.5 metres
Number of towers: 13
Engine power: 551 kW

Underground Garage and Service building

Approximately 800 square meters of space are devoted to the garage and service building associated with the lift. The fact that this facility is located underground is done for several reasons. Perhaps the most significant part is that a service building of this size would take up a lot of space and air from the immediate surroundings in the bottom area. This was not desirable.

See photos from the construction prosess

The lift was constructed between May and December 2021.

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