Nesfjellet Alpin

Nesfjellet Alpin is a ski center in Hallingdal, with suitable terrain for alpine skiing and snow-sure conditions.
At Nesfjellet’s Alpine Center, you will find good and varied skiing experiences for everyone – whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Recently, we installed a brand new 8-seat chairlift that provides world-class comfort. It’s packed with extra equipment and can only be described in three words: SCANDINAVIAS COOLEST CHAIR LIFT.


A family-friendly ski resort

Nesfjellet is a destination that offers a versatile year-round offer developed with respect for nature and quality. With our trail map, you can find challenges suitable for most people, with varying degrees of difficulty. The ski area has six lifts, 14 slopes, two parks, and a separate area for beginners and children.

Scandinavias coolest chair lift!

In 2021, Nesfjellet Alpin invested in a brand new 8-seater chair lift. This ride provides true world-class comfort and quality, featuring built-in heat, tailor-made seats, protective windscreens and much more. 

The lift was designed by Pininfarina and supplied by Italian Leitner.

Children are our top priority

In the children’s area, we continuously work to create a safe environment for intuitive learning and lots of fun. The terrain is suitable for all children, featuring green slopes, a gated trail with animal figures, and a small park.

It is possible to buy lift tickets only for this part of the Alpine Centre, and if you need help getting started, you can easily book an instructor at our Ski Shop.

Nesfjellet Park

At Nesfjellet, we invest in our parks and collaborate only with renowned park builders. This year’s park setup contains several jumps, boxes, table jumps, rails, railbow rails, and PVC pipes arranged in different lines.

Nesfjellet Park is easily accessible, with its own exit from the Tyrihans lift.

Evening skiing

Nesfjellet Alpin invites you to evening skiing every Friday over the New Year.

This takes place on four floodlit slopes + Nesfjellet Park.

The evening run begins at 16 and ends at 20.

Remember that evening driving is included in the day pass. You can also buy your own lift pass, which only applies to evening rides.

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Map over Nesfjellet

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