Experience bears, moose, lynx, and other exotic(!) animals up close!

In “Bjørneparken”, magical encounters between animals and people occur every day. The park has a large variety of wild Norwegian predators, as well as well-known farm animals. In addition, we have Norway’s largest crocodile exhibition with 30 crocodiles, snakes, and other exotic animals. Our collection also includes two Amur leopards, which are among the rarest cats in the world!

Animals and people thrive in Bjørneparken. We have large natural enclosures and organized feeding arenas with feeding every hour during opening hours. Here you can get up close to the animals, and learn more about them from committed zookeepers. We also have many exciting activities, obstacle courses, a roller coaster, a play area, as well as several good restaurants. Bjørneparken is full of unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

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