Cross-country skiing

On Nesfjellet, cross-country trails run through forests and low mountains. Both Nesfjellet Golf and Nesfjellet Alpin are great starting points for your upcoming cross-country ski trip.

Popular tours

From 0 to 10 km


Starting point: The Golf Café
Length: Approx. 3 km
Time: Approx. 1 time (with children)

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A suitable trip for everyone

There is a circular track of approximately 3 km on the golf course, just outside the café of Nesfjellet Golf. The trail is almost flat, making it a popular trip for children. You can end the trip with a snack or a cup of cocoa in the cafe.


Starting point: Nesfjellet Alpin.
Length: Approx. 6 km
Time: Approx. 1-2 hours (with children)

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Enjoy a family-friendly ski trip that starts with a chairlift ride.

Buy a one-way ticket for the chairlift at Nesfjellet. Almost the entire course is flat or downhill from the chairlift. Follow the ski tracks in the direction of Trommenatten. 1.5 km after Ålsvatnet, turn right at Gurilikrysset and follow the signs down to the golf course. A pleasant and easy trip like this shouldn’t discourage anyone. It is not possible to take the lift with a sled.

From 10 to 20 km


Starting point: Nystølkroken Kafè
Length: Approx. 11 km
Time: Approx. 2 hours

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Price-winning trip at Snaufjell

A favorite in Nes Sørmark. In 2010, Finansavisen and Dagbladet named “Den Gule Runden” Norway’s finest ski slope. The terrain is pleasant, but also varied. Follow the yellow signs from the large car park at Nystølkroken Kafé. You quickly enter Snaufjellet and see Åkrefjell (1208m) in front of you. You pass Trommenatten before picking up speed on your way back to Nystølen. Make your trip longer by walking around Hallingnatten (1314m), Nesbyen’s highest point (approx. 25 km round trip).


Starting point: Øvre Båtstjern
Length Approx.: Approx. 12 km
Time: Approx. 2 hours

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A beautiful trip around Åkrefjell

Take a beautiful walk around the prominent peak Åkrefjell in Trondrudmarka. First, you follow the yellow signs past Nystølkroken Kafé, then you quickly enter Snaufjellet and see Åkrefjell (1208m) in front of you. At Øvre Båtstjern you take the track that leads South West. Continue the track past Øyvatn, and up a hill south of Åkrefjell. The next crossing on the left leads you back to “Den gule runden”, which you can follow back to Nystølkroken.


Starting point: Myking or Skålsrudstølen
Length: Approx. 17 km from Myking, 11 from Skålsrudstølen
Time: Approx. 2 – 5 hours

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One of the greatest views in Nesbyen.

Dyna is one of the best-known trips in Nes Nordmark. It is possible to reach the top from a variety of starting points (also from the Ål side), and different tours can be created around the top. From Dyna you can see i.a. Hallingskarvet, Hardangerjøkulen, Skogshorn, Hallingnatten, Reinskarvet and parts of Hardangervidda. Here we suggest a round trip from Myking that takes you past the gaphuken “Håkonbue” by Holmevatn. Many people make the trip to Dyna from Skålsrudstølen.

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