Winter activities at Nesfjellet

Throughout the year, Nesfjellet offers a lot of fun and adventure for the whole family. During the winter, Nesfjellet Alpine turns into a complete ski resort with challenges for all skiers. Nesfjellet-Ekspressen, a world-class chairlift with eight seats, takes you up the mountain comfortably and quickly. The facility has a separate area for children, and two parks with jumping and rail elements. The alpine center is also an excellent starting point for cross-country tours, with immediate access to the trail network into Snaufjellet, towards popular hiking destinations such as Hallingnatten, Trommenatten, Nystølen and Langedrag.

Nesfjellet Alpine

Nesfjellet’s alpine slopes are a favorite among skiing families, featuring Scandinavia’s coolest chair lift, 15 runs, a park for skiing and snowboarding, and a separate, sheltered area available for children and beginners. Nesfjellet’s Ski-in/Ski-out, Skistua, offers home-made nourishment for legs and head, as well as après-ski and other events.

Scandinavias coolest chairlift

Nesfjellet is home to one of the world’s most modern chairlifts. This is an 8-seater chairlift from Leitner, with heated, tailored seats and a windscreen. The lift transports our guests efficiently to the top, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable trip. The lift is a landmark on Nesfjellet.

Ski lessons

Ski confidently, and maximize your skiing experience. At Nesfjellet you will have the opportunity to rent your own professional instructor. Together you find out what you want to spend your time on, and hopefully, the class will result in some new qualities. Professional ski instructors can be invaluable to both competent and inexperienced skiers, as they may open some new doors.

Ski rental / Shop

The ski rental offers all kinds of skis: Alpine skis for beginners, carving, jibbing, and snowboards. Our equipment is regularly updated and maintained, resulting in high-quality products. The ski rental is located on the first floor of Skistua.


Nesfjellet Alpine and Nesfjellet Golf make excellent starting points for your cross-country trip. Tour tip: Buy a single tour ticket, take the lift up to the top to get to Snaufjellet, and follow the signs to the Alpine Center on your way back. You can enjoy a warm waffle either at Skistua or the Golf café after your trip.

Skistua Ski-in/Ski-out

At the bottom of the lift area, you will find a pleasant Ski-in/Ski-out cafeteria and restaurant. The kitchen follows the lift’s opening hours. The tables are arranged in several rooms inside and in tents outside, and food is served at your table.

Langedrag Nature Park

Located only 25 minutes from Nesfjellet, Langedrag Nature Park offers several exciting experiences. Beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to encounter rare animals are all waiting for you as you explore Norwegian wildlife.